Individual Counseling

Our initial consultation is an assessment of your current circumstances that bring you into counseling. During this session I will be interested in learning more about you, your history and the specifics of why you are seeking counseling at this moment in time. It is an important beginning because it helps us establish a rapport and also creates a focus on the goals for your future progress. Telephonic sessions are available, if getting to an office is not convenient.  They can be very effective and efficient and clients report their satisfaction with this mode of therapy.

Ultimately once the problems and goals are identified I will be able to help you co-create your own road map for achieving the goals. You will be given new tools and approaches to start practicing new behaviors. I am solution focused and use a variety of therapies that will assist you in making changes that you identify as necessary. Frequently that will include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which is a powerful approach to changing your thinking and your attitude. Getting rid of distorted, fear based thinking is a critical first step.

Mediation of disputes between groups, entities and individuals is also an area of expertise.  An impartial third party can play a constructive role in helping with resolution of problems.